Gamebuino META Games

The Gamebuino META is an Arduino-compatible handheld that runs on a 48MHz ARM chip with 32KB RAM and a low res 16bit color screen. I received one of the early dev units in December, and made a small game called Defend Pluto in time for launch in early 2018.

Gamebuino META photo Gamebuino META photo Gamebuino META next to Arduboy, both running an early build of Defend Pluto

Defend Pluto

Beta 1


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Defend Pluto Defend Pluto

Vertical space shooter. This is the first beta release with only a few levels. The full game is a work in progress and will run on multiple platforms.

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Work In Progress

Fully-textured raycasting demo Anti-aliased lines demo Simple RTS idea based on a Ludum Dare game I made

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