Welcome to alxm.org!

This is the home of my personal projects. In my spare time I enjoy making small video games from scratch for different platforms I like. These days it's web, desktop Windows and Linux, and a handful of obscure systems that are fun to work with, like GP2X and Gamebuino.

I also post things at @alxmdev on Twitter and @alxm on GitHub. Thanks for visiting!

Gamebuino META photo running a raycasting program Open Pandora handheld running Trap75 The old GP32, GP2X, and Wiz A Gamebuino META next to an Arduboy, both running an early build of Defend Pluto

I've been slowly putting together my Emscripten Notes article, which goes over some of the changes and processes to adapt desktop C & SDL projects to run in the browser.

a2x is now called Faur. This is my personal C game framework that runs on Web, Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, GP2X, Wiz, Caanoo, Open Pandora, and as of this month, also the Arduino Zero-compatible Gamebuino Meta.

Faur framework

I wrote an article about building Gamebuino META games with a Makefile from the command line, instead of with the Arduino IDE. This gets you faster builds and more control over your projects.

(Updated Sep 18, 2019 after the big Arduino SAMD update)

Quick update Trap75 0.1.1 saves the hiscore.

Trap75 screenshot

Trap75 preview build 0.1.0 is out for Gamebuino META! This is a rewrite of the GP2X game with the same name.

Trap75 animated screenshot Trap75 screenshot