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I make video games for different systems old and new. These days it's desktop Linux and Windows, and the more obscure Gamebuino META, GP2X and Open Pandora handhelds. Check out @alxmdev for frequent updates, and thanks for visiting!

Gamebuino META photo running a raycasting program Open Pandora handheld running Trap75 The old GP32, GP2X, and Wiz A Gamebuino META next to an Arduboy, both running an early build of Defend Pluto


Quick update Trap75 0.1.1 saves the hiscore.

Trap75 screenshot

Trap75 preview build 0.1.0 is out for Gamebuino META! This is a rewrite of the GP2X game with the same name.

Trap75 animated screenshot Trap75 screenshot

I started a Linux Mint notes page that I'll continue to add to over time.

Neonrattle version 0.9.0 is out for Gamebuino, and you can play it in a browser window too! This update brings:

  • Web version saves the last unlocked level
  • Built with the latest Gamebuino META lib 1.3.1
  • Smoother camera movement
  • Lots of fixes and optimizations

Neonrattle version 0.8.0 is out for Gamebuino and web. Nicer graphics, 32 levels, hiscores, minimap and more.

Neonrattle animated screenshot

An early Neonrattle web version.

Neonrattle is a new snake game for the Gamebuino META. This is version 0.1.0 with a single level.

Neonrattle animated screenshot

Defend Pluto bug fix release for Beta 2.

Defend Pluto Beta 2 is out for Gamebuino META! Highlights are:

  • Sound effects
  • Nicer light effects
  • More stars and more particle effects
  • Smoother screen transitions
  • Energy bar blinks when you can't shoot anymore
  • Level Cleared screen shows level number
  • A little more difficult than Beta 1
  • New icon and title screen

Defend Pluto animated screenshot

Recompiled Defend Pluto with the latest Gamebuino library, working on Beta 2 now.