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I make video games for different systems old and new. These days it's desktop Linux and Windows, and the more obscure Gamebuino META, GP2X and Open Pandora handhelds. Check out @alxmdev for frequent updates, and thanks for visiting!

Gamebuino META photo running a raycasting program Open Pandora handheld running Trap75 The old GP32, GP2X, and Wiz A Gamebuino META next to an Arduboy, both running an early build of Defend Pluto


An early Neonrattle web version.

Neonrattle is a new snake game for the Gamebuino META. This is version 0.1.0 with a single level.

Neonrattle animated screenshot

Defend Pluto bug fix release for Beta 2.

Defend Pluto Beta 2 is out for Gamebuino META! Highlights are:

  • Sound effects
  • Nicer light effects
  • More stars and more particle effects
  • Smoother screen transitions
  • Energy bar blinks when you can't shoot anymore
  • Level Cleared screen shows level number
  • A little more difficult than Beta 1
  • New icon and title screen

Defend Pluto animated screenshot

Recompiled Defend Pluto with the latest Gamebuino library, working on Beta 2 now.

I started work on a roguelike that takes place in a forest. This was supposed to be a 7DRL entry, but time disagreed so it'll be a longer-lived project instead.

I spent the last couple of weeks putting together Defend Pluto, my first game for the upcoming Gamebuino META. This is version Beta 1 with 5 levels.

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