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These are all the updates I posted here since 2011.

I wrote an article about building Gamebuino META games with a Makefile from the command line, instead of with the Arduino IDE. This gets you faster builds and more control over your projects.

Quick update Trap75 0.1.1 saves the hiscore.

Trap75 screenshot

Trap75 preview build 0.1.0 is out for Gamebuino META! This is a rewrite of the GP2X game with the same name.

Trap75 animated screenshot Trap75 screenshot

I started a Linux Mint notes page that I'll continue to add to over time.

Neonrattle version 0.9.0 is out for Gamebuino, and you can play it in a browser window too! This update brings:

  • Web version saves the last unlocked level
  • Built with the latest Gamebuino META lib 1.3.1
  • Smoother camera movement
  • Lots of fixes and optimizations

Neonrattle version 0.8.0 is out for Gamebuino and web. Nicer graphics, 32 levels, hiscores, minimap and more.

Neonrattle animated screenshot

An early Neonrattle web version.

Neonrattle is a new snake game for the Gamebuino META. This is version 0.1.0 with a single level.

Neonrattle animated screenshot

Defend Pluto bug fix release for Beta 2.

Defend Pluto Beta 2 is out for Gamebuino META! Highlights are:

  • Sound effects
  • Nicer light effects
  • More stars and more particle effects
  • Smoother screen transitions
  • Energy bar blinks when you can't shoot anymore
  • Level Cleared screen shows level number
  • A little more difficult than Beta 1
  • New icon and title screen

Defend Pluto animated screenshot

Recompiled Defend Pluto with the latest Gamebuino library, working on Beta 2 now.

I started work on a roguelike that takes place in a forest. This was supposed to be a 7DRL entry, but time disagreed so it'll be a longer-lived project instead.

I spent the last couple of weeks putting together Defend Pluto, my first game for the upcoming Gamebuino META. This is version Beta 1 with 5 levels.

Made Mine Op 40, a very unfinished RTS, for Ludum Dare 40. As usual, wrote a devlog too.

Made Pestering Peddler in 48h for the first Seattle Indies Game Jam!

Despot 3900 is my entry for Ludum Dare 39. Also wrote a devlog post about it.

Made 38th Century, a simple world simulation game for Ludum Dare 38, and wrote a devlog post about it.

Game Jams page.

Wrote a short article about cross-compiling my games to Windows with MinGW.

I made a space-themed roguelike game for this year's Seven Day Roguelike Challenge called Space Station Plunder, and wrote a devlog post about it.

I made a Hello, World program for the Arduboy that turns it into a 2-button mouse, and wrote a dev log about my foray into Arduino coding.

Wrote a few lines about building a2x on FreeBSD.

I made a game for Ludum Dare 37 called Motel 37, and wrote a short article about it.

I participated in Ludum Dare 36, and did a write-up about my experience.

Release 2015.12 of Siter, my static website generator written in Python 3. It's essentially Markdown + user-defined macros + a page template, and it's what I use to put together these pages.

Hooka released a GINGE Pack for Pandora with all my old GP2X games! Get it from the repo - thanks, Hooka!

Ported Trap75 to Pandora.

Brought back the old Sqdef page.

INImaker's source code is up.

Welcome to my new website. I'm currently brushing up the code of my old GP2X projects and then I'll upload everything to GitHub.